Tumblr to begin running ads

The Scarlet

Corporate logos have no place among my gifsets

By Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

In an announcement that disappointed many-a-hipster, Tumblr is going to start using advertisements as early as May 2nd. This disheartening news came from Tumblr founder David Karp(a common source of disheartening news) on April 19th.

For the uninitiated (what have you all been doing with your lives?), Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to track their interests and share text, audio, photos, and videos for free. Users can save posts that they like, and place posts that they see (along with their original content) on their own blogs. In short, it’s a magical land full of your favorite stuff.

While many people use Tumblr strictly for the lulz, it remains a sacred space. Tumblr is not Facebook, it is not Twitter. Most often, it is disconnected from these places, and allows people…

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