Besieged Gaza

London, January 7, 2012

A local Palestinian official confirmed that the Israelis have been refusing to clear a landmine field in Hosan, to the west of Bethlehem, for years ago.

A report of an American organisation confirmed the existence of tens of thousands of landmines in different areas of the Palestinian lands.

Jamal Sbatin, the head of Husan Municipal Council, told Quds Press news agency that an international campaign has decided to clear the mines which were planted in 1950 in Husan.

Mr Sbatin confirmed that the Israelis refused to leave out the mines which resulted so far of the death of six Palestinians and wounding 16 others.

According to Mr Sbatin, an American organisation called, The Roots of Peace, has recognised a plan to leave the mines out. However, the organisation’s convoy who had visited the area said that they will be unable to carry out…

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